InterMOD: making cross species analysis easier

Our goals are to enable faster comparative studies and develop tools that make analysis accessible to the wider scientific community. We aim to benefit biomedical researchers worldwide giving unprecedented access to key integrated MOD datasets and allowing interpretation in a biomedical context.

Go Mining

Create a Mine of Your Own

InterMine is an open source data warehouse build specifically for the integration and analysis of complex biological data. If you have data you want to query or integrate with other data sets, create your own InterMine instance. Follow along with our tutorial to help you get started.

Write Your Own Tool

The powerful analysis tools available in InterMine are sophisticated enough to be embedded anywhere. Write a tool and embed it on your own webpage!

Get the Data

You can access the data via the mines listed above. You can also access the data directly via web services.

InterMine is underpinned by a set of RESTful web services which give programmatic access to all core InterMine functionality. While any language capable of making standard HTTP requests can be used, library support is provided in five commonly used programming languages – Python, Perl, Java, JavaScript and Ruby.